JUNE, TITUS ANGEVINE & CO, Circus Ad - 1834


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Ad for Circus: June, Titus, Angevine & Co - Oct 8 & 9, 1834

Der Republikanische Herold, and York County Democrat

Circus advertisement promoting the many unusual animals and a band from New York.

York, PA: Weekly newspaper issued as Band 1, No 20, dated September 26, 1834.

Newspaper is overall in FAIR condition.

  • Printed over 180 years ago, this newspaper shows expected age and wear.
  • Paper is overall toned with foxing and staining.
  • Print exhibits minimal fading
  • Edges are worn, with some marginal creases and rough in places.
  • Front page has ~1.5" x 1" hole in text.
  • Page with circus ad has 2 tiny holes in white space.
  • Edgewear affects one word of text on back page.
  • Front page has pencil marginalia at head in creases.
  • Paper may exhibit additional minor signs of age or wear.
  • CR20170222

June, Titus, Angevine & Company advertisement is primarily in English, promoting the many unusual animals and a band from New York City. Animals featured include: tigers, lions, leopards, panthers, elephants, bears, zebras, kangaroos, camels, rhinoceros (aka unicorn), hyenas, wolf, etc. Not just a menagerie, this circus was known for incorporating equestrian stunts, acrobatics, juggling and other entertainments.

June, Titus, Angevine has alternately been known as the American National Caravan, the North Salem Circus, and around this time was more commonly known as the Flatfoots. At a later time, this menagerie also acquired the P.T. Barnum Show, and thus the convergence of this piece of history with more modern circus shows. This circus syndicate formally went out of business at the end of 1842.

Articles are printed in German using 19th C Fraktur type. Miscellaneous lines of English are in a serif Latin type. Weekly 4-page newspaper, printed September 26, 1834. (Newspaper possibly still published by S. Wagner.)

Often noted as the first American Circus, it is said to be founded by Hackaliah Bailey after importing the elephant Old Bet into the US in 1804. The North Salem Circus was syndicated in 1820 by the New York landowners John June, Lewis Titus and Caleb Angevine - who housed the menagerie. Some interesting facts were noted about it in a 1998 New York Times article:

"The term Flatfoot came from a boast attributed to one of the founding members. ''We put our foot down flat and shall play New York State, so watch out.

"During the Civil War, when the North Salem Circus was owned by George F. Bailey, a nephew of Hackaliah, the troupe visited the troops along the Mississippi River.

"Bailey in 1875 acquired the P. T. Barnum Show, which Barnum continued to manage. Baily sold the combined effort in 1880 to James Bailey and James Hutchinson. George Bailey was the last Flatfoot to die. He is buried with the other Flatfoots in June Cemetery."

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