Catalog: Timeless Treasures - Holidays 2019

Catalog of Timeless Treasures - Winter Holidays 2019.

Set aside the digital age for a moment, and share the pleasure of a timeless treasure.

There's something special about holding a book and turning its pages--a visceral experience, an intimacy of moment, words and ideas. Resting quietly on a shelf or table, a book is integrated into our surroundings, lending it's unique character to our space and daily life. A cherished book can last generations, adding to its value. This year, give them a gift that lasts more than a season. Give them books.

We invite you to peruse our most recent and largest catalog to date--Timeless Treasures--featuring a diverse panoply of topics and writers. You can expect special editions of 20th C fiction, antiquarian and vintage volumes, unique art and photo books (2 with original prints!), music and pop culture texts, and Bucks County surveys. The more unusual offerings include: a 19th C British Royal commemorative, a treatise on mesmerism, an artistic rendering of onomatopoeia, hidden craftsmen of fashion, and Argy glassware. Some names you'll find: Shakespeare, Man Ray, Brassai, H Watanabe, U Eco, Yoakam, Epiphone, LM Montgomery, M L'Engle, R. Diebenkorn, N. Lewis, M. Coles, C Holland, P Lowell, J Deleuze, Phillips Mill, T Carlyle, EW Gantry, and Ganymed.

We invite you to take a closer look, and trust that you'll enjoy what you see. We'd love to hear from you!

From the folks here at Panoply Books, we wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season.