Catalog: Exceptional Collectibles Spring 2019

Catalog of Exceptional Collectibles: Spring 2019

Here we present a curated selection of more recent rare and exceptional volumes for your personal and professional libraries.

This catalog includes a wide range of publications, including the first Shaker hymnal, a four-volume set of Chapman's translation of Homer. an official script from the Exorcist, an early printing of Jane Eyre, a Desilver atlas, Roman numismatics, limited edition illustrated facsimile manuscript of Beatrix Potter, as well as early 20th century books on commercial art and Japanese flowers. You'll also find first and limited editions by Bertrand Russel, James Fergusson, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Karl Marx, a review copy for a Hemingway collection, and signed copies of Jaws and In Praise of Idleness and Madame Dorthea. A veritable panoply of books!

We invite you to take a closer look, and hope you'll enjoy what you see. We'd love to hear from you!