An Introduction to Panoply Books

From a handful of annual book shows to a store front in Lambertville, NJ, Panoply Books continues to adapt and change and grow. Our unique collection is carefully curated by the owner Roland Boehm. It has evolved into an eclectic book boutique and gallery that encompasses more than one store front in a charming downtown area.

Our inventory includes a vast array of books, paintings, prints, unusual objects d'art, and a constantly growing collection of LPs (varied, but with a strong leaning toward jazz and blues). There is a focus on the best of used books, LPs, textiles and art that are quality, scarce, out-of-print, unusual, different, offbeat, and beautiful.

Over the last 4 years we've worked to establish something of an online presence, gradually building a website, social media presence, and an emerging eCommerce business. Our brick-and-mortar store has hosted a long-term series of poetry events as well as the summer music series, tarot readings. and a handful of photo and film shoots.

In 2017, our storefront is looking great with fresh inventory arriving every day. We add to our website regularly, dabble in social media, and regularly sell books online through Abe Books, eBay, direct contacts, and our website.

Each item in our store has been carefully selected and researched, to offer the best books, music and art at a fair and reasonable price. Each customer and sale is given individual attention for a personal shopping experience.

We invite you to visit our store and enjoy the diverse, unique selection of books, art, vinyl and rare finds.